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Summer is approaching, how to spend the generator unit safely

发布员:admin    Time:2019-06-28

Yesterday, I received two phone calls from customers in Shenyang. They all said that the diesel generator set had been shut down in normal use, and asked what was the reason. When our technicians asked him about the temperature in his computer room, they said it was estimated to be about 60 degrees. At this time, the diesel generator set will definitely stop, because our generator set is equipped with automatic protection function to avoid generator damage.

Because, the normal ambient temperature of diesel generator itself should not exceed 50 degrees, but now the normal temperature has reached more than 40 degrees, coupled with the diesel generator itself in use will emit a lot of heat, if the ventilation of the generator room is not so good, the temperature of the engine room will certainly rise, of course, the generator will stop. Work is done. Therefore, our technicians suggest that customers open all the doors and windows of the generator room, replace all the hot water in the water tank with cold water, and immediately the temperature of the generator room will come down, and the diesel generator set can also be used normally.

Therefore, in the face of the current high temperature weather, we must pay attention to the temperature when using diesel generators, especially those ordinary diesel generators without automatic protection function, we must protect the indoor temperature of the generator room not to exceed 50 degrees, so as to avoid the failure of burning diesel generators, or even have no alternative. The accident of redemption.

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